20 Dollar Nose Bleed live ft. Brendon on the Save Rock and Roll tour

And that’s a wrap on the giveaway! Big congrats to this-is-gospel-your-favorite-sin! And thanks to everyone who participated!

Really wanted that design? The design is now public for anyone to buy here! RedBubble sets the base prices, so some are rather high for my liking, but I’ve always been sure to have an affordable product on all of my works (because everyone loves stickers).

I certainly hope that, should this blog be fortunate enough to reach 20k followers, that I’ll be able to get something a little different for both PSGifs and this blog… though that might not happen till after a “very specific” time next year. :D

Pete licking his bass during the Beat It video

(the only gif you’ll ever need in your life) 

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! The winner has been contacted; they have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.

The next update with either be for that or the formal completion of the giveaway.

ALS ice bucket challenge |Fall Out Boy



PWGifs hit 10k on August 14, so to celebrate, this blog’s holding a giveaway! Essentially, someone’s going to get a cool product from RedBubble. RedBubble is an artist-run product site, the same site used for PatrickStumpGifs’ giveaway because the person behind this blog runs a RedBubble shop. I like using RedBubble because they do the shipping, and they’ll ship pretty much anywhere. Those familiar with PSGifs might know the drill, but this giveaway has a special twist.

To personalize this giveaway, I’ve done up a design to commemorate the most popular post PWG has as of this giveaway. The winner will be the first to receive a product of their choice with the design above on it, paid for by me. A product can range anywhere from a shirt, stickers, posters tote bag, pillows, and a lot more. Above are some previews of products that can be produced. For more details on products, see RedBubble.

Rules, Guidelines, and other things:

  • Must be following petewentzgifs. It’s a follower giveaway, it only makes sense.
  • Likes don’t count or disqualify.
  • One reblog = one entry.
  • Three entry maximum. Excess entries won’t count or disqualify.
  • Open to everyone worldwide, but no giveaway blogs please.
  • Askbox must be open & must be okay with giving out their address so I can tell RB to ship to you.
  • Winner will be determined by random number generator, please give me some time after the deadline to do the RNG.
  • Winner will be left a message soon after the determination. If the askbox is not open or they do not respond within 24 hours, they will forfeit their win and another winner will be determined.
  • Interacting with any RB account - especially any kind of purchase - will NOT count towards the contest. No one can buy entries into this, especially since that kind of defeats the purpose of winning something for free.
  • The design will be made public to buy after the winner’s order is placed. But if you want it first and for free, this giveaway is the way to go.


  • Contest ends on August 30, 2014, at 11:59:59PM PT (So till August 31 PST, basically)
  • This blog will reblog this post again when the contest is over, so I can easily count off the entries and determine the winner. Again, I’ll need some time to count them off and generate the winning entry.

Best of luck, and thank you all for 10k followers!

The contest has ended! Thanks to everyone who entered. Give me some time to draw the winner!